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Please send a pull request to me to make the changes faster. Nevertheless I will reject pulll requests if the text is much longer then 500 chars or full of marketing instead of facts!

You can also send your your feedback / event to me using the adress:
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I am aware that the descriptions may contain errors and that the products evolve.
So help please in keeping this up to date and send corrections and updates. Thanks!

If you send a system, keep in mind that it is difficult to include everything which is not NoSQL! Furthermore give me a hint on the category of your DB.
Any email you send with a database which is not yet included should contain the link to the database and the category description having not more then 350 characters! And of course in the style of the other descriptions with e.g. API, Protocol, Query, Written in, Concurrency, etc. Everything more then 500 characters will be shortened or rejected.

Additionally I will accept send pull requests for (small) changes here:

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The purpose of the is to capture all nosql information, give an outline of available technologies and provide all links needed to get an overview of the topic. Simply to give back to the community what the community provided with these great new databases. The gathering of material was originally (and still is) intended for a master lecture in databases I am giving at Beuth University of Technology Berlin (App.Sc.).

We have tried to capture every conceptual nosql link till 2011 in the archive.

If you have a good general resource you can send me a resource / db to be included via email.