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The worlds first NoSQL Book

Worlds First NoSQL Book

The worlds first NoSQL Book is available since 7.October2010! Book traders will have it one week later.

It is written in German. 2nd Edition available since 2011.

NoSQL - Introduction to the World of Non-Relational Web 2.0 Databases

The book can be ordered here from the publisher.

The complete ToC is here.

A brief overview

  1. Introduction
  2. Theoretical Background
    (Map/Reduce, CAP, Eventually Consistent, Consistent Hashing, MVCC, Vector Clocks, Paxos)
  3. Wide Column Stores
    (HBase, Cassandra, Amazon SimpleDB)
  4. Document Stores
    (CouchDB, MongoDB)
  5. Key/Value Databases
    (Redis, Chordless, Riak)
  6. Graph Databases
    (Neo4j, sones, InfoGrid, DEX, HyperGraphDB, InfiniteGraph, OrientDB, and more...)
  7. Other NoSQL DBs
    (Hypertable, Cloudera, Dynamo, Dynomite, Kai, MEMBASE, Voldemort, Scalaris, Tokyo*, etc.)
  8. Database Orientation
    (how to find the right database)

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